Friday, 13 April 2012

UK Weather Update

Sunny spells and showers continuing and then chilly and unsettled conditions on the way next week

April Showers

Sorry about the lack of posts in recent days, been really busy and just haven't had enough time to update.

A frosty start in many rural areas then another day of sunshine and showers. Showers will be heavy and locally thundery in the south, especially over southwest England and south Wales, and lighter but increasingly wintry in the north. Maximum Temperatures of 8-14c

Friday night

Still some showers across Wales and south west England. Elsewhere it becomes dry and clear. Most areas will have a cold, dry night with a widespread frost by morning but maybe the south staying frost free. Expect minimum temperatures of -2 to 3 Celsius.


Showers less widespread than recent days, but still likely to be wintry over Scotland and parts of northern England. Plenty of sunny periods but feeling colder. Some of these will be of snow over the high ground in the north. During this evening most of the shower activity will die away again which will lead to a dry, clear, cold night with a frost by morning. Maximum Temperatures of 7 to 11c.

A windier day however dry weather for much of the country throughout the day with lots of sunny spells but maybe the north east seeing a few light showers. Winds will increase in the west tonight with outbreaks of rain across Northern Ireland and Scotland. Dry tonight across England and most of Wales with a frost across central and southern England. Maximum of 7-11c.

Outlook for start of next week

Bright for many on Monday but heavy rain in Northern Ireland, spreading to all areas overnight. Windy with frequent showers on Tuesday. Showers continuing on Wednesday but with lighter winds. Temp 7-12c
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