Sunday, 4 March 2012

UK Weather Update

Heavy rain and even some Heavy snow today.

Heavy rain will fall across much of the country today and finally some good news for East and South East England who are still currently in a drought. The band of heavy rain will give the UK drought areas welcome rain with 15-25mm widely, and locally 40mm but perhaps less rain in Kent and Essex. Also, As this rain band pushes eastwards, there is a risk of it turning to sleet and wet snow.  

The metoffice has also issued a Yellow severe weather warning for Snow for some areas. The map for this is below however other areas that aren't in the yellow warning may also see rain turn to snow but settling snow will be limited to high ground.

Tomorrow, southeast may again see rain, sleet and even some wet snow as well as strong winds during the morning and quite cold here through the day too and Rain should finally clear eastern coasts in the afternoon. A nice day for the rest of England and Wales with good spells of sunshine although some showers for the north and west of Scotland but these tending to be isolated. Highs at 2-4C in any rain in the east, 5-8c in the N & W. 

So don't be surprised to see rain turning to snow today and it will be a cold one, especially compared to late. I'll have the weather for the week ahead later.


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