Monday, 26 March 2012

UK Weather Update

Dry, Warm and Sunny

The summery weather will continue this week across nearly all parts of the UK with clear skies and temperatures in the high teens or low twenties. However, places along the edge of the East coast may see low cloud and fog at times resulting in temperatures not getting above 8c.

Today will be starting chilly, with areas of mist and fog mainly affecting eastern England and the Scottish Lowlands. It will soon become fine across the UK, with many seeing unbroken warm sunshine, with the northeast in particular again becoming exceptionally warm. Temperatures 17-22c


Dry and clear overnight, allowing the temperature to fall away once more to give a slight frost in places. Further fog patches may form in eastern England by dawn.


Any early fog will soon clear to give another warm, dry and sunny day. It may feel a little cooler in parts of the southwest, with brisk easterly winds. Temperatures 17-22c
Wednesday to Friday:
Dry and fine conditions and warm sunshine until Friday but these will gradually be replaced from the north by cooler and more cloudier weather, with an increasing chance of light rain in the far north. Still some sunny spells in the south towards the weekend but more cloud and feeling cooler with a fresh NW wind. Temperatures 17-22c Wednesday and Thursday 10-16c Friday

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