Friday, 10 February 2012

After another snow event for England, it looks like back to milder conditions from Sunday

Heavy snow fell in parts of England last night and the precipitation band was further East than forecast giving another snow event for the SE and London. Pembrokeshire stayed as rain as we were under milder 850hPA temperatures than the rest of Wales and England although it stayed cold all night with a maximum temperature of 3c. 

Tonight any rain should clear the South West of Wales and England to leave a mainly cloudy night although clear skies will develop widely across England allowing temperatures to plummet here with a severe frost and widespread ice with temperatures widely below freezing with -2c to -5c in cities and -5 to -10c in rural areas. Cloudier and milder in Scotland and Northern Ireland with a min of 1c. By the morning clear skies should of reached most of Wales and maybe Pembrokeshire and temperatures may well be below freezing in most of Wales, maybe closer to freezing in the west depending on when skies clear. This may aswell lead to widespread ice tomorrow morning. 

Alot of cloud again across northern areas and Ireland, with occasional rain or drizzle, especially across Scotland and Northern Ireland. Tomorrow will be mainly sunny across England and Wales but very cold again with max temp of 3/4c but even colder in the East with light winds everywhere.

A cold night to come Saturday night with a widespread frost again with temperatures -2c to -4c widely, maybe abit more cloud in the East at times. Not so cold in Scotland and Northern Ireland with overcast conditions here and a min temp of 2c.Sunday then sees a return to slightly milder weather in Wales and the South West of England, staying slightly colder in Eastern England but not as cold as recently with highs of 7c in the West, 4/5c in the East.

Milder weather looks to dominate most of next week but a solid trend is now appearing in the models that another burst of cold from around the 19th/20th February from the North this time. A long way off yet though but will be doing updates about this in the Long Range Discuission.

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