Monday, 20 February 2012

Weather for the week ahead - Monday 20th to Sunday 26th February

Very mild for the time of year before cooling off a bit for the weekend.

Tuesday onwards, air originating from the tropical Atlantic, feeds in mild winds from the south-west or west. Fresh to strong south-west winds for tuesday and a Mild, breezy and rather cloudy day. Outbreaks of rain continuing in the west, especially over upland areas, but otherwise dry with some bright spells, particularly to the east of any hills. Highs of 10c for most in the south and around 8c for scotland. Temperatures will stay well above freezing overnight . Outbreaks of rain will affect western coasts. A drier night in the midlands and the East and south east. Lows at 4 to 8C. 

Wet and windy on Wednesday, particularly across the north and west. A series of fronts will pass southeastwards bringing periods of rain with them. The rain probably won't reach the south by the afternoon and the rain always lighter in the south east. Highs 8-12c.

Thursday should be mainly cloudy across much of the UK and Ireland. Western coasts will have drizzle at times. Bits of sunshine will be appearing away from western coasts and where these occur it will become very warm for the time of year with tops of 17C in the Midlands and South East, 9C in western Scotland. Similar day on friday however A cold front will move into western Scotland and western Ireland bringing rain here at times. To the east and south conditions should be dry, perhaps with some bright spells at time.Very mild again, 9-10c Scotland, 12-16c in the South.

For the weekend. Rain looks like it will move eastwards through the first part of saturday but this fades through the day as pressure builds to the west with drier conditions here. Pressure still high over the south of the country on Sunday perhaps with a frost sunday morning. Fronts moving into Scotland will give cloud and rain at times. Highs at 7 to 10C. 

This chart shows the warmth caused by a huge warmth sector during Thursday. Very Mild temperatures for February.

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