Thursday, 23 February 2012

Very Mild day for parts of the UK for this time of year with temperatures reaching 19c

Unusual temperatures for this time of year across many parts of Central and Eastern England today as temperatures hit 18.7c.

The record for Feb is 19.4c in 1891. Not all places enjoyed the sunshine however and places where it stayed misty and cloudy all day, temperatures struggled to get above 12c but this is still mild for this time of year with the average only around 8c. These temperatures are in huge contrast to the -18c we saw in the same places around two weeks ago.

This radar picture highlights where the cloud broke and this is where the warmest temperatures occurred. 

For the rest of the week and weekend, mild weather will continue to dominate but not as mild as today.

Tonight, A band of rain will spread southeastwards, reaching northern England by the morning. Cooler conditions will follow, with showers across Scotland. Largely dry to the south, but western parts will continue to see patchy drizzle and hill fog at times. Lows 6-10c but maybe 2c in Northern Scotland.

Tomorrow, rain continuing southwards across parts of southern England and Wales. Brighter but colder to the north, with blustery showers in the far north. Still quite windy today particularly across Scotland and It will remain quite mild across central and southern parts of England but elsewhere it will be a bit cooler. Light patchy rain across Southern England and Wales in the afternoon will clear in the night leaving drier, cooler and clearer conditions, taking longest to reach the South East. Most of Scotland and Northern Ireland will have a dry day with sunny spells although a few scattered, mainly light showers are expected to run into northwest Scotland on the brisk west winds. As the winds drop we may see some fog patches developing along with a slight ground frost in places. High temperatures today of 3 to 6C across Scotland and Northern Ireland, 8C for northern England but 11-14C across southern England and Wales.

For the weekend, Most places will be fine after a chilly start Saturday.  Sunday should be dry and fine aswell with fairly light winds and highs of around 10c/11c. Further spells of rain spreading east Sunday night and Monday, easing as they do so. Breezy and staying fairly mild with highs of 7-11c, coldest in the North.

Pembrokeshire will start off dry tomororw but mainly cloudy but rain and mist will arrive again by the afternoon with highs of 11c . Mainly dry saturday with sunny spells but rain spreading East late Sunday evening and Monday.

So starting to feel like Spring now across many areas and this winter is coming to a close however cold conditions are still possible during March with some quite severe cold spells in March in the past. The drought across the South East and Midlands looks set to continue with little rain expected in next few weeks at the moment.


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