Monday, 6 February 2012

Weather for Week ahead - 6th to 12th Feb

Weather for the week ahead - Monday 6th to Sunday 12th - Remaining Cold away from Northern Ireland and Scotland but dry with severe overnight frosts.

During the early part of this coming week, most of Wales will be in slightly milder air as we are within a slack area between high and low pressures but turning colder from Tuesday as high pressure builds and winds from the East return.
Bits of rain and drizzle around today for much of the country and some extensive mist and hill fog. Highs between 4c and 8c, milder in the west. On Tuesday, Low cloud and any freezing fog should clear to leave sunny intervals, but it could become cloudier in the East later. Colder with a Maximum temperature 5 °C with an Easterly Breeze, this followed by a medium to severe frost overnight with lows generally between -1c and -5c but locally colder. Dry and colder on 

Wednesday and mainly sunny with Max temps between 0c and 3c, after an overnight frost. More cloud on Thursday and especially Friday which may produce some patchy light rain or sleet in places, mainly north. Remaining cold though with max temps generally between 0c and 4c. and frosts likely in places where skies clear. Confidence for the weekend is low however it looks mainly dry but cloudy and maybe slightly milder with max temperatures between 1c and 6c.


Today, Murky conditions will dominate but some clear spells further north however Wintry showers will affect East Anglia and southeast England. Cold away from the west, with a severe frost, especially over snowcover. Temp Max - 0-3c East,  4-8c West. Tuesday will see any wintry showers ease across southeast England, with brighter conditions across England and Wales. Plenty of sunshine for much of Scotland. Milder and cloudier in Northern Ireland. For the rest of the week, Rain across NI and parts of Scotland will progress southeastwards, with the risk of some snow for Scotland and northern England. Otherwise, Remaining very cold but largely dry elsewhere with sunny spells and severe overnight frosts at times. Max Temps around 0-3c, Low temps -1 to -8c, perhaps milder in Northern Ireland


Very Cold weather continues throughout the coming week with snow in places. Temperature may recover slightly by weekend however another Siberian outbreak looks on the cards, especially East Europe.

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