Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Significant Snow possible for parts of Wales and England Tomorrow Night And Friday, Also freezing rain for parts of N.England and Scotland

Tonight, a weather front bringing rain continues southeast, into northern England after midnight,  perhaps falling as sleet or snow on higher ground but the main problem is likely to be freezing rain which may cause some treacherous conditions on roads. In the south, there will be another harsh frost with temperatures widely -2c to -5c and maybe even -10c in rural areas. Tomorrow, uncertainty grows, but at the moment what looks most likely is that the front will move further south and east and will increasingly turn to snow through tomorrow night and into Friday. Inland areas in the NW, the Midlands, E Wales and central and parts of southeast England are most at risk. Accumulations of 5-10cm are expected in any affected area. The front then looks to pull back West. 

Latest GFS model showing the snow. Dashed lines are the snow.

Latest MetOffice fax showing the front being pulled back westwards.

Unfortunately, Pembrokeshire looks likely to miss the snow again and rain will move in tomorrow night here and Friday looks a dreary day with light rain for much of the day but still feeling cold. High of around 4/5c.

Models are still hinting at the possibility of a Greenland High next week but a lot of uncertainty about this. For cold weather fans, this would be great and would also increase the snow risk for Wales.

Latest UKMO model showing the Greenland High and northerly winds through the UK on the 14th.

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