Monday, 13 February 2012

Weather for the week ahead - Monday 13th To Sunday 19th February

Milder weather this week and plenty of dry weather across all of the UK but for how long?

During this week  high pressure is positioned well south- west of Ireland, and the feed of air, although from the NW, has come from all around the high from the mild Azores region, so that in spite of the wind direction, it will be a fairly mild week but turning colder through the weekend.

Tonight, it will be breezy in most areas with variable cloud. The cloud will be thickest across eastern England, and southern England at the start of the night, where showers are likely. Clear spells may also form and where they do, a local frost is possible.

On Tuesday, any early showers across southeast England soon clearing to leave sunny spells for many places. Cloudy and damp across northwest Scotland. Fairly mild, but breezy. 8c in north and west, 5/6c in the East.

Quite cloudy on Wednesday, with the sunniest conditions in the south and east. Rain will spread southwards Thursday into Friday, with blustery showers following into Scotland. Windy throughout but staying mild with max temps of 7-9c throughout. Frosts are unlikely but local frosts can not be ruled out under any clear skies in the East with min temps of 2c here but more generally 4-6c.
The weekend is alot more uncertain, however it on Saturday to be Colder and windy across the north today with snow showers across Scotland, northern England and Wales. Rain clears the south east on saturday morning then dry and sunnier. A widespread frost develops tonight. Expect highs of 3 to 8c. Sunday will be a colder, windy day with snow showers across around western and eastern coasts. Dry inland with long sunny spells. highs of 2 to 7C. 

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